Jenkins et al. v. Goodwill Industries of the Greater East Bay

Class Action Settlement Information

This class action was filed on behalf of Truck Drivers and Dock Workers who worked for Goodwill at its facility located at 1301 30th Avenue, in Oakland, CA, at any time during the period December 13, 2008 through June 12, 2014. The workers seek damages for alleged unpaid overtime, and missed meal periods and rest breaks. The workers allege that they were required to work overtime without compensation, that they were not authorized and permitted to take rest breaks, and that they were not provided with off-duty meal periods, along with other related claims. Defendant denies that they violated any laws and assert that the workers were paid for all hours worked, and took all of the breaks to which they were entitled.

The Court has granted final approval and entered judgment. Payments to the settlement class members are scheduled to go out no later than January 28, 2015. The Court's final approval order and other relevant documents can be viewed below: