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Age Discrimination and Harassment

Anyone over 40 can be the subject of bias against older workers. Typically managers will discriminate against more senior employees based on false stereotypes that they are less efficient or less able to adapt to change. Building a successful age discrimination case usually requires demonstrating that those stereotypes played a significant role in a termination decision.

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Representative Cases

Glick v. Stationary Engineers Local 39

San Francisco Superior Court No. 318531

We sued for age discrimination on behalf of a union executive. The case settled before trial.

Aubry v. Roman Catholic Welfare Corporation

We arbitrated a case on behalf of a longtime teacher who was forced to resign due to age discrimination. After obtaining evidence of age discrimination against other teachers, the case settled favorably.

Peonsin v. California State University

Solano Superior Court Case No. FCS034322

We represented a long-time employee who was passed over for a promotion in favor of a younger, less qualified candidate because the decisionmaker was concerned about plaintiff retiring soon and because the younger candidate was "more energetic." The case settled before trial, and plaintiff was able to retire early.

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