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Disability Discrimination and Harassment

California has the strongest protections for disabled workers in the United States. An employee's disability, whether temporary or permanent, cannot be a motivating factor in a termination decision. If an employee can do the job with a reasonable modification of the job duties or conditions, the employer is required to grant that accommodation. If an employee requires a medical leave, his or her job and benefits are entitled to significant protections.

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Representative Cases

Manion v. Barclays Global Investors

San Francisco Superior Court Case No. CGC-02-405583

We represented an employee in a case of disability discrimination and failure to accommodate. The case settled at mediation after her supervisor was forced to admit he had destroyed evidence.

Cube v. Regents of the University of California

San Francisco Superior Court Case No. CGC 09 485484

We represented an employee whose serious medical condition was exacerbated by the defendant’s failure to accommodate. As a result of the disability discrimination, plaintiff was rendered unable to work permanently. The case was settled during litigation.

Glenn v. UHS of Delaware, Inc.

Alameda Superior Court Case No. RG11579191

We represented a teacher's assistant who was terminated for \"job abandonment\" while she was on medical leave. The case settled after we discovered documents showing the employer was actually aware of plaintiff being on medical leave.

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