San Francisco Race Discrimination Lawyers

Race and National Origin Discrimination and Harassment

The Bay Area is home to every different type of race and nationality. Unfortunately, some managers still operate based on subtle or not-so-subtle stereotypes. Showing bias in this type of case usually involves closely examining a manager's comments and thoughts about various employees.

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Representative Cases

Ling, et al. v. Regents of the University of California

United States District Court, Northern District of California, Case No. 2001-035654

We represented representatives in a class action for race discrimination at the Lawrence Livermore Lab. The case settled after class certification.

Taylor, et al v. Canal Plus Technologies

Santa Clara Superior Court Case No. 1-03-CV-000675

We represented victims of national origin discrimination. The case settled after statistics proved that it was virtually impossible that discrimination was not involved in the lay-off.

Ngo v. Bristol Myers Squibb

Santa Clara Superior Court Case No. 107CV099700

We represented a pharmaceutical sales representative in a case of race discrimination and retaliation. The client had some of the best sales numbers nationwide, and yet was counseled for "poor communications skills"–code words for a strong accent. When he objected to the discrimination, he was fired. The case settled before trial.

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