Instacart Wage-and-Hour Settlement

March 30, 2020


Our firm filed a representative action on behalf of Aggrieved Employees and the State of California against Instacart in Santa Clara County in 2018: Ornelas v. Maplebear, Inc. (d/b/a lnstacart), case no. 18CV323046. Based on our client’s experiences, we alleged that lnstacart’s timekeeping app deleted employees’ hours worked on cancelled jobs and failed to notify employees to take meal and rest breaks among other alleged violations of the California Labor Code. During our investigation of the claims, a number of witnesses who were in-store shoppers for Instacart provided testimony that they were also required to do work like cleaning and “making bags” before clocking in, and during purported off-duty meal and rest periods, without being properly compensated under California law. We negotiated a settlement of the State’s claims against lnstacart, who paid $350,000 to resolve those Private Attorney General Act claims for penalties. 

However: we believe that Instacart employees are still suffering the treatment discussed above that the witnesses reported to us under oath, and we believe that such conduct violates the California Labor Code and other applicable regulations. If you are (or were previously) an Instacart employee required to perform work “off the clock” before and/or after your scheduled shifts, or expected to perform work duties other than shopping during rest and/or meal periods, contact us to learn how we may be able to help you pursue your potential claims against Instacart.

Author: David Lipps
Category: Class Actions, Missed Meal and Rest Breaks, Unpaid Wages, Wage and Hour
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